Building of the Day: 299-305 Adelphi Street

Brooklyn, one building at a time.

Name: Adelphi Apartments
Address: 299-305 Adelphi Street
Cross Streets: DeKalb and Lafayette Avenues
Neighborhood: Fort Greene
Year Built: 1927
Architectural Style: 1920’s Moorish/Mediterranean/Spanish Revival
Architect: Benjamin Brownstein
Landmarked: Yes, part of Fort Greene HD (1978)


The story: This sort of apartment building appears here and there in Brooklyn, especially in Flatbush and the parts of Brooklyn developed in the early decades of the 20th century. Brooklyn is not alone, either. In NYC, you can find these Mediterranean/Moorish/Spanish style buildings scattered throughout the city, in all five boroughs.

They represent a time in America when the middle class apartment was king. The exotic décor and ornament on these buildings is a testament to the power of Hollywood, as much as it is to the inventiveness of architects and advances in architecture. California, the Southwest and Florida were in the midst of a Spanish Revival phase, as the architecture of colonial Spain, and its spin-offs were very popular in buildings large and small. The most famous example of this is probably Hearst Castle, which was begun by architect Julia Morgan in 1919, and not finished until 1947.

This exotic and often florid architecture resonated with people, who associated it with Hollywood stars and rich folk in Florida, and soon many of the architects designing for the growing middle class in cities like New York were bringing elements of Mediterranean design to their own buildings. What was more uplifting and snazzy than moving from a crowded tenement to a spacious new building in Brooklyn that looked like a Hollywood mansion, complete with ornate pillars, Mediterranean tiled roof and an exotic looking Hollywood Spanish lobby? And in your apartment, probably a sunken living room, and a bright pink or green tiled bathroom, too. Movin’ on up, indeed.

However, most of these buildings were in Flatbush, or the Bronx or in Washington Heights, not historic brownstone Fort Greene. There are very few pre-war apartment buildings in Fort Greene, as the neighborhood was built up with row houses of wood, brick and brownstone as far back as before the Civil War, and most of these buildings have lasted the centuries. There were once four houses here on this site. They are mentioned in old newspapers, as the residents got married, died, or somehow made the papers.

The apartment building was built in 1927, designed by Benjamin Brownstein. I could find nothing about him or his career. He did, however, design a nice apartment building. It’s got some great Mediterranean and vaguely Moorish detail, including some fine carved ornament around the entrance, arched windows, blind arcades on the sixth floor and on the roof, an open arched parapet. There is also the prerequisite Mediterranean tiled roof. The building appears on a long list of desirable Brooklyn apartment buildings that includes Turner Towers, The Excelsior, Grace Court and the Leverich Towers, among others.

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Tips to Prepare a Home for Rental

299 Adelphi Street Brooklyn Ny : In growing economy, people are more focused to increase their income sources. Investment is becoming a need to secure our future. Property investment is the popular investment option nowadays. Homeowners prefer to rent their house instead of selling as it allows them to pay off their mortgage and hold onto house till property value increases. To rent your house various factors needs to consider such as how much rent to charge, screen potential tenants and keep it safe and functional. Here some important tips which you can’t afford to neglect when listing your house for rent.

Figure out how much cost is required to keep your house safe and livable: 

Before renting your property, you need to invest a decent sum of money to get the house in shape. You also have to be responsible for needed repair time to time. Equipped the house with all major facilities which is necessary for the house to rent.

Decide whether to hire a property manager:

To rent your house, you should have ample time to screen tenants, bargain a rent price, assist a lease signing, collect rent , do home repairs. You have to be the point person whenever problem arises. You can hire a property manager to manage all these jobs however you have to pay handsome amount to the property manager.

Calculate the rent you want to charge:

This is the important and crucial factor to decide to keep in mind the cost of your mortgage, repair and maintenance cost and the property manager fee if you hire one. Calculate rent you will need to charge.

Decide on the terms of your lease agreement: 

You can download a free lease agreement online, however, make sure the lease you choose meets the requirements of the state where you live. Also, check if your lease contains all the necessary information. You can take help from a lawyer to have a look if it is alright and legal.

Make sure your house is up to code:

Before rent, your house inspect each and every room and find if anything needs repair and fix it as soon as possible. All plumbing repair needs to be addressed immediately. Flooring and carpeting should be in good condition. Before you showcase your house to potential tenants make sure it should be empty and clean.

Check the above points and rent your property to safe hands. Becoming a landlord is not an easy task but considering above listed tips make your decision easy for the long term.

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Five Mistakes to Avoid for Real Estate investors

299 Adelphi Street Brooklyn Ny:

1: Buying books and attending seminars regarding real estate investing, however never using what you’ve got learned in practice.

It’s the most typical mistake of real estate investors. There are thousands of would-be geniuses of real estate investing who pay months of their lives and thousands of bucks on real estate investment seminars, books, and DVDs, however, never strive their skills in practice. The purpose is: after you learn the way to form profitable real estate deals, you are doing it so as to form such deals within the future, right? If you understand the fundamentals of real estate trade and you’re in the scenario to begin your business – do it! You’ll be able to learn all the ‘advanced’ tricks on the way.

2: Beginning the business without really understanding how the real estate industry really works.

There are lots of individuals who just do strive hard to avoid mistake #1. They try to begin real estate investing without very knowing what is going on in it, hoping to find out everything on the approach. This sooner or later leads to stepping into a grossly unprofitable deal or maybe bankruptcy. You must not jump head-on into the real estate industry! And if you’ve got already done it, learn basics of real estate investing as quickly as you’ll be able to by reading books, asking around fellow investors or attending a real estate finance seminar. It’s crucial for you to know the principles of this trade before you begin your operations.

3: Shopping for the primary property that’s available

A lot of real estate investors, even those moderately old, tend to “fall in love” with the primary or the second property they visit. As the result, they continue with it and don’t trouble to check if there’s any better deal currently on the market.

4: Continuously craving for an improved deal

Happy investor | 299 adelphi st brooklyn ny

This is the alternative of mistake #3. There are people who continuously craving for an improved deal, hoping that this chance to form a killing is waiting right around the corner. They do not purchase anything, but wait, wait and wait…

5: Failing to set correct monetary goals

Mistakes #3 and #4 are actually head and tails of a similar coin: they typically happen once a true estate investor doesn’t write down his or her goals. Thus, he or she cannot confirm which deal is nice enough and either starts finance blindly into the primary property seen or puts all operations on hold.

If you frequently make one of those 2 mistakes, write down your goals directly and USE them to work out if the deal goes to be a step towards them.


Understand what you’re doing before you are doing it. Realize why you’re a real estate investor in the first place – only then you may be able to make everything right.

Things Successful Real Estate Investors Have

Real estate profession is complex and can be overwhelming especially if you are just starting out and investments  can be extremely challenging.  it also become more progressively competing as more and more investors join the  market.Beginner to the scene, may be sensation anxious, or way in over your head. 299 adelphi street beooklyn ny
professionals have created a list of five things savvy and successful real estate investors have in common.


A successful investors have complete knowledge about market, areas etc.The better you know about real estate market the stronger decisions you can take and create more chance to build effective businessman.Also keep the trend currently running and property rates and various points which affect real estate market.

Pay Attention To The Numbers

Keep in mind of numbers because after all it is business.So you have to deal in economical perception, it is not a smart idea to go through with an if you want to be successful real estate investment you must  research, understand and evaluate rather than follow your instinct.

Successful Real Estate Investors Remain Ethical

A real estate investor should conform to ethical rules and behaviors to build and maintain a solid reputation for business.As we know that personality is an major asset,Its is easy to build but difficult to maintain.Other ethical will help improve your reliability, and build and sustain a positive public image among investors and clients alike.

Professional Helpful

Reeal estate professional 299 adelphi street brooklyn ny

You may also consult a realtor, one who belongs to the National Association of Realtors. They can help you with negotiation, the search for property, and share their knowledge with you in general, especially if you are just starting out.
It is always a smart idea to seek the help of specialists in the field not matter Whether you are just starting out, or whether you have been in the business for a long sure to talk a reliable related a lwayer help with tax can consult a realtor

Know The Best Areas To Look For Property

Successful real estate investors considered location first than money or other aspect.And if you are looking for invest in New York then Brooklyn is best alternative to invest for.Location is a major aspect when you invest in real be sure that you are investing in right place.

Thinking of Moving to 299 Adelphi Street Brooklyn Ny?

299 Adelphi Street Brooklyn Ny: Thinking of buying a new apartment in Fort Greene Brooklyn? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking to buy a property in the Brooklyn real estate market or anywhere in the NYC real estate market, this website will help you do it all.  The first thing that we have here is welcome all visitors. This really gives you instant access to all real estate listings for sale in Brooklyn or anywhere in the NYC real estate market. What it does is it is more real time than craigslist because our website is updated every hour or two to the new listings.

299 adelphi street brooklyn ny

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Things You Can Only Do In Brooklyn

Only in New York just doesn’t mean what it used to. Chain stores line Broadway and Coffee house is more popular than the Anthora coffee cup ever was. And in spite of the always present fear that the mallification of Manhattan will take over Brooklyn as well, it hasn’t happened quite yet. Brooklyn might get mocked for the fact that everything is artisanal, there are experiences you can have here that you just can’t have anywhere else. So while Manhattan might still get the bulk of the tourist population looking to scrounge up good deals at the Herald Square H&M, here are the top 10 things that any visitor—or resident—of Brooklyn can do here that they can’t do anywhere else.

The Dinner Party, Judy Chicago

The Brooklyn Museum is a legit tourist attract for a range of reasons, but one of the best causes to go there is for the Elizabeth A. Sacker Center for Feminist Skill. In the Sacker Center, you’ll find Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party, which has been part of the Museum’s lasting variety since 2007, and works both as a thought- and conversation-provoking work of art, but also as a history lesson. And, really, isn’t travel and tourism about education? Yes, it is. And most people haven’t had enough of an education when it comes to feminist icons. So go check out The Dinner party and expand your mind while you look at plates that each bear a pretty strong resemblance to the all-powerful vagina.

The 16th Oldest Roller Coaster

299 Adelphi Street Brooklyn Ny

There’s only a single 16th oldest roller coaster in the world, and that bad boy is right here in Brooklyn. That’s perfect, I’m talking about the Cyclone in Coney Island. And while “16th oldest” might not sound like much of a superlative, keep in mind that the Cyclone has been around since 1927, which means that when you go on it, you are basically putting your fate in the hands of something that, if it were human, would statistically, probably be dead. Plus, while the Wonder Wheel is technically older, it doesn’t feel on the verge of collapse the way the Cyclone does. Riding this particular wooden coaster is definitely something that you can only do in Brooklyn.

The Oldest Building in New York City

Just in case you weren’t satisfied by the idea of the 16th oldest roller coaster in the world, here’s a outstanding that anyone can get behind. As it turns out, Brooklyn is home to the oldest building in all of New York City. That’s right, the Wyckoff Farm house was built in 1637 by Pieter Claesen (who later changed his name to

“Wyckoff”) and it still stands today and functions as a museum. The Wyckoff family actually used the dwelling for eight successive generations until the home was sold to developers in 1901.

Visit the Past in a Century-Old Subway Car

299 Adelphi

Absolutely one of the best museums in the whole city, the New York Transit Museum is located in downtown Brooklyn and offers guests and chance to see what subways were like back again when a ride cost a nickel. This lesser known museum is just a flat-out cool experience, from the moment you realize its entrance is a faux-subway station, you realize you’re in for something special. It’s the largest museum devoted to urban public transportation record in the country, and it’s no shock that it’s in New York, because if there’s one thing we do well here, its public transportation. Decades old subway cars sit idle, waiting for you to marvel at the woven wicker seat cushions and Mad Men-era advertisements. Just think of it, a time before Dr. Zizmor! It boggles the mind, it really does.

299 adelphi street brooklyn ny apartment just went on the market , it is a spacious Studio in the heart of Fort Greene and will not last long. This apartment has a divided kitchen and generous closet space. Being conveniently located to major Subway lines, this Listing GEM is ideal for Students or newly grads who commute on a daily basis.

Top Five Real Estate Investment Strategies

299 Adelphi Street Brooklyn Ny: Real estate is a massive industry and there are a lot of options to invest in real estate. But where should you start? What types of real estate trading is best for you? Learning the basics of how to invest in real estate is the first step in choosing a strategy. You can then explore different real estate investment strategies and pick one based on your time, budget, and long-term goals.

 Buy and Holds

 These are good long-term assets because of the steady additional income and the possibility to gain appreciation. If looking for an effective, long-term investment, buy-and-holds are the way to go. Acquiring an investment property as a buy-and-hold requires research about the market, neighborhood, and asset expenses. Positive cash-flow is very important with these investment because money is otherwise lost every month. With buy-and-holds, deciding on becoming a landlord or hiring property management is also something to consider. Can you manage the property yourself? Can you handle getting tenants?

 Fix and Flips

 Fix-and-flips are for traders looking for active, short-term assets to quickly make money. Fix-and-flips are properties that are purchased, renovated, and then sold. They are not a get-rich quick scheme but if done correctly, investors can quickly profit from this strategy. When looking for a residence to flip, it’s important to look for deal-breakers. After setting a budget, it’s crucial to consult an inspector, specialist, and appraiser in order to identify issues and avoid losing time and money.


The U.S. commercial market is large, and becoming a member of commercial property making an investment can lead to large profits. These qualities are rented to companies which can range from small little shops to purchasing centers. While there’s an chance to book out to big companies and get important income, openings can last a longer than with homes. This method not for starters but it’s a great level to achieve in your property profile. Find out more in the next point about how you can do this.

Passive Investments

Passively investing in real estate means not getting your hands dirty and giving your money to someone else to make the investment happen. One way to do this is by working with a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), which is when a group of investors pool their money to buy large real estate investments, such as malls, skyscrapers, or many single-family homes. Each investor gets a share of the profits and does very little work. These passive investments generally have higher returns and less risk. Different types of REITs include retail, residential, healthcare, office, and mortgage REITs.

 Real Estate Wholesaling

299 Adelphi Street Brooklyn Ny

Making money in real estate does not always require spending money, there are so many diverse opportunities to invest. Wholesaling is one of the ways you can create an income without having to spend any money at at all. A wholesaler finds a seller who wants to put their property up for sale and has not yet gone on the market.

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Common Mistakes Every Real Estate Investor Should Avoid

Those who have launched into the world of real estate expenditure have likely been told some obvious advice. Don’t spend too much! Buy in a buyers market! Don’t over invest! Sell immediately!

But there are a few other pieces of advice you might not get.

Failing to treat it like a full time business.

If you haven’t instantly contacted this as a serious venture and are instead searching at is as a hobby or side job, you might be in for a hard time. Real estate investment is a commitment that requires a lot of focus and energy. You want to hire smart when it comes to your contractors; you want to buy smart when it comes to your investments. Identify that going into this business and creating mistakes can mean wrecking your personal savings and investments, so be smart. Think long and hard about what you’re doing, and arrange yourself properly.

Not being patient enough.

90 day flip rule included to FHA loans isn’t a obstacle to achieve everything inside of three months. Even the procedure of discovering the right property to start on can take months to actually complete. Relax, and breathe. Don’t rush into a property that’s too big of a task for you to complete, or that would be too difficult to ever turn back around on the market. Know your limits and stick to them. Remember that even when things are going smoothly, there are still allows to account for, inspections to schedule, checks to clear, and dates to set for closing.

Wanting to be the ultimate Do It Yourself

Even outside the entire world of the remodelling, you don’t want to be your own lawyer, your own lawyer, your own financial advisor, your own loan provider, or your own broker. Develop a assistance program of those who you believe in to finish the perform you side to them, and move away realizing that the job will get done. It might be fulfilling to see yourself efficiently tossing property as a one man job, but in truth you’ll be able to be far easier if you agree to a little help from your buddies.

Not having an exit strategy.

Is the only potential outcome you’ve imagined to purchase the property, upgrade it, then immediately sell it? Bad move. There should be at least a Plan B, and ideally a Plan C and D on top of that. In addition to having an exist strategy, you should have a time line for when this plan would be implemented. How long are you giving yourself to get Plan A successfully done? Hold yourself accountable. If it hasn’t happened, then it’s time to move on to the next route.

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